Saturday, February 16, 2013

Reflections and Status Report for Campus-Supervised Internship Activities, Action Research, and Your Technology Skills and Knowledge Project

·         A reflection and status report of your Campus-supervised Internship activities. Where are you in implementing your Internship Plan? What activities are remaining?
I am doing very well on the campus supervised internship activities.  This is mainly due to me being a lead teacher for a campus for 2 years.  This made me work very close to the principal and even help her with many aspects of administration. I helped her with conflict management between staff, staff meetings, budget, and so many other activities that would fall into the internship plans. This also includes reviewing lesson plans, helping audit the bilingual files for many schools, mentoring teachers, and doing the monthly calendar of events. This also  included going to many campuses and having meetings with parents and also meeting with community members. I was also helping other departments such as PR and human resource with different committees so that helped me gain more internship hours. Before that I was also grade level chair at another campus and was involved with many committees in that campus as well including the SBDM and the LPAC.  This made me learn so much on many different aspects. 
I am lacking maybe some hours on technology. I want to interview a computer lab manager on what she does and how she comes up with her schedule.

·         A reflection and status report of your Action Research Report activities. Where are you in completing that work? What activities are remaining?
Since I did change campus, the original Action Research that I was going to do changed to another subject that pertains better to my current assignment.  I am doing very well and have data on it which is how to increase rhyming scores for the Prek students in our campus.  This is very near and dear to me since many years I have seen the difficulty of students gaining rhyming skills not only in my current school but for many years and for many other grade levels.  I am at the research stage with the 2 sets of scores already in and also with different ways to gain rhyming skills.  I do need to research a little more for articles that might help me gain more knowledge but am currently doing that.  I would also like to survey some teachers on what they think on the rhyming skills and why they think it is so hard for some students to grasp.
·         A reflection of your technology skills and knowledge gained in this course.
I really gained a lot on technology skills in this course.  I had no idea how to make a google document or a google site and now I can make new ones that will help me in the future. I would like to make one for my classroom or when I am an administrator.  I also gained lots of knowledge on what WEB 2.0 tools were and how to use them.  I also really enjoyed learning about live binders, on what they were and how all the information was really compact and so easy to access on a live binder.  This was a really enjoyable course especially the part of the collaboration because I really enjoy learning from others and gaining knowledge from them.  Some of the other students really helped me clear up some issues on the google site and how to make it better.  I also enjoyed the videos that helped so much knowledge as well in technology and what is up and coming in the classroom.  I really thought that flipped instruction is something that is going to catch more momentum and it has lots to do with technology.

Reflections of Web Conferences 5352

For the web conferences, I need to reflect on: 
What I gained, what is not so important, how I will use web conferencing  in the future..

EDLD 5352 Web Conference Sunday, January 20, 2013

This web conference is very  useful in clarifying what we would do in week one and two in the assignments.  I thought this was very useful since we needed to really know what was appropriate to turn in to get out points for the assignment. Not only clarification was useful but getting our groups together for the assignments was also a good thing on that web conference.  This class required that we get into groups to collaborate and the web conference was a great way to meet people and get into Google teams that were part of the assignment but also a great way to meet people and get to know them. Another useful information that I got from it is how to set up Google sites.  I know that we had videos on how to set it up but it was also useful to get answers on any questions we had.  It was also great to know that I could use this blog for this assignment and not have to create another one.  I also really useful to get people to remind me of things like the deadline for graduation, what was really required in our Google documents and a little bit about Web 2.0 tools.

Some of the questions people asked were not very important.  Well they were important to them but they could  have easily found answers in the overviews or rubrics.

EDLD 5352 Web Conference Jan 26, 2013

The real purpose of the web conference was to  clarify issues people may have and to encourage people in their program!  That is a great purpose for a web conference.  I like that, especially the encouraging part.  The important part of this conference really was to get information. There was lots of talk about the Google documents and team documents. This was about learning what we needed to do in week 2 but many people were ahead and got me thinking about week 3 as well where there was more requirements on a showcase of web 2.0 tools.  There was also clarification on what we really had to submit which was just the web site we were using for our document and also the Google site we created for the class.  This Google site has really been a learning experience especially when people clarify things in the web conference and how to make the site better.  I also learned that the team document needed to be created so that all the team could alter it and have equal access.  When at first I created it, I was the only one that could alter it so when I went to the web conference I went back and made sure that all the team could edit it and share it with them, this was very important so that all the team would be involved. 

Some of the information that people shared was not that useful, I know it was useful to others but not to me.  It was about the ILD in other regions but since I already took it in my own region it was not that important but I am glad some people go the information they need.

EDLD 5352 Web Conference Chat Feb 03, 2013

This web conference was also mostly about clarifications which is actually good.  I like when people ask questions that I didn't even think of but that I actually had but then I still get answers to those questions.  So glad to have all those classmates with all the ideas that they share and ask for clarifications and even just listening to the web conference can really help you gain so much information. For example this question: "Week 3 assignment had us creating another group document, my question is do we use the same team google document that we used for week 2 and add our week 3 assignment to the bottom of the document or should we have created a new team Google document?"  This was a question that I didn't even think of but I needed the answer to so that I can continue with my work.  I also had questions on what the assignment really wanted us to do, to just talk about it or actually do it.  What is really was was a showcase and that is what our team did.  The web conferences really help get other information other than just clarifications on assignments.  Many people give out information on the tests, the ILD and what region is doing what.  I really like the web conferences and am glad even though there was glitches and some were canceled we still got some done.

how I will use web conferencing  in the future..
I teach Prek and web conferences would probably be used for the parents to learn information about what is happening in class. If I ever change grade level,  I would use web conferences for homework help with the students maybe once a week and even to talk to parents.
I would also use web conference as an administrator to talk to teachers or parents.  I know that I have a prek mentor right now that was out because of surgery and had to stay home.  She could have used web conferencing to keep our meeting. Instead she is going to have to make them up and that is an inconvenience to others where she could have already done those meetings through conferencing.
I also think that the superintendent could use web conferencing to have meetings with the principals.  That way the principals can stay in their campus in case of emergencies and they still get their meetings done every week.