Saturday, November 26, 2011


Action Research has turned out to be very interesting to me.  I was actually doing it in my classroom all along.  I would identify an area of need and would go research what I could do on google or go buy a book at Barnes and Noble about the problem. Then I would go and try out the ideas and apply it in my classroom.  If it worked it would become part of my teaching strategies forever and I would share with my grade level.  If it did not work, I would go back to the drawing board.

I also learned a lot with the interviews that were presented this week in our class.

I learned that you should research or google other people’s research to see if it applies to your own situation so that you gain time to do other research.  You should also do research that means something to your students, class and school or else you will lose interest and it will not benefit your students. Make it practical and use the data that you have to answer the questions that you are wondering.  All of the interviewees spoke about data and that is really where all things are going, what the data is telling you and what can your action research help the students succeed.
Teachers engaging in sharing ideas

I also really loved the idea of having staff meeting to share ideas and to also share  problems to help out the teachers.

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