Sunday, December 4, 2011


·         Goals and objectives/outcomes of the research investigation
The goals of this project is for the teachers to actually have a uniform behavior management plan in place where they have the actions they would take if they are having any trouble with behavior.
·         Activities designed to achieve the objectives
Professional development will be given on behavior management, also a behavior action plan that can be formed in a staff meeting. Students will be introduced to the behavior management plan as several lessons and will have to be aware of the consequences of action either for positive behavior or negative behavior
·         Resources and research tools needed for data gathering
I will conduct teacher’s surveys and will also go to walkthroughs to see what the need is for each classroom and what can be in place for an early childhood classroom.
 I will also conference with the Principal, the Prek Mentor and the teachers to make sure everything is fine or if anything needs to be revised. I will also conduct parent calls to talk to them about how they view behavior management in their child’s school.
As for other research, I will use the internet, books, and other school’s plans as a guide to get more information and to help guide our own plan of action.
·         Draft timeline for completion or implementation of activities
I think we can form some kind of plan and implement it next semester and then have it show results by May 2011.  This can then be tried the next school year so that we know it can be replicated and for it to work.  We will also revise it as needed.
·         Persons responsible for implementation of the action research plan
Principal who is my site supervisor, teachers who will implement the behavior management plan, students who will have to follow the plan, and any other staff such as the Prek Mentor when she goes into the classroom for walkthroughs, the paraprofessionals when they are involved in group activities with children, the Special Education teachers that go into the classroom for small group instruction, the resource teachers that goes into the classroom.  The co-teachers that are part of the program of Early Start and any other staff involved with the students including myself.
·         Process for monitoring the achievement of goals and objectives
I will send out teachers and parent surveys.  I will also conduct walkthroughs.
·         Assessment instrument(s) to evaluate the effectiveness of the action research study
I, with the help of my site supervisor will conduct a staff meeting where the teachers will give feedback on how the plan is working for them and how students are reacting to the behavior plan.  We will then revise the plan as needed.
Action Planning Template
Goal: To have  a behavior plan that works for 3-5 year old students.
Resources Needed

Develop a behavior management plan

There will be a staff development day planned where we will brain storm and come up with a plan of action that will have the steps that teachers will take for the behavior plan to work.

Books on behavior management, other plans from other schools, current curriculum. Teacher input, administrative

Develop the steps to take as consequences

The teachers and I will then brainstorm and develop the rewards and consequences for the behavior management plan.
Early childhood books, current curriculum, teacher input, administrative input

Implement plan in the classroom

Teachers will implement plan by having lessons on the behavior management plan for the students. Students will then know what the expectations are and what the consequences are for their actions.
Teachers needed to explain plan
Evaluation and
Revision of plan

Teachers will come together to discuss how the plan is working for them and how they are implementing it in their classroom.  They will give feedback and we will then revise plan as needed.
Books and current curriculum, Teacher feedback

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  1. Noelia,

    After reviewing your plan, I think you have an excellent idea of what you plan to achieve and how you will do it. Well done. I know that teachers are often reluctant to jump on board when it comes to new ideas and often we are so used to doing things "our way" that it can take time for teachers to adjust to new methods, but I think your plan of attack is well thought out and I wish you the best.